The Year 7 girls had a great day on 11th February (the start of Donaldson Week) making homemade felt iPad cases. We started off in the morning with making the felt itself – pulling out wool fibres, laying them down and wetting and rolling to make colourful, textured felt fabric.

The girls then spent time designing the cases – setting down ideas about how they wanted them to look, and considering techniques, colours and textures to make an individual piece that reflected their personality.

We spent time creating applique, beading, buttons and embroidery to add to and enhance the cases. Creative ideas ranged from an owl case to a cat case with ears and whiskers to personalised, monogrammed ones. Everyone created something totally different.

The girls then sewed the cases together, ensuring they functioned and fit the iPads properly. To end the session, we laid everything out and discussed what made them successful and what we might do differently next time. The girls voted to choose the most successful one – we all agreed that Marisa's elephant-themed case was the winner as it was well constructed, inventive, functional and fun. Well done to all the girls for such a fun, creative, successful day’s work!