After a very early start, the two-hour flight from Luton to Barcelona was just enough time to catch up with some sleep and prepare ourselves for the busy three days that had been planned. As soon as we landed, we grabbed our luggage and took a shuttle bus to the centre of town where we got some lunch and headed for the hotel. We had a bit of time at the hotel to settle in before we began ticking things off the itinerary, which began with an augmented reality tour around the Casa Batlló, a house designed by Gaudi.

On our first evening in Barcelona, we had supper at a traditional tapas restaurant and ordered lots of different Spanish dishes. The food was delicious and we returned to the hotel with full stomachs. On Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to an amazing buffet breakfast in the hotel and a brisk walk to the first activity of the day. We met our guides in the Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibitions (CAGE) and set off to explore all the street art in the local area and soon enough, we could recognise some of the tags and say which artist’s it was. After meeting with the most famous street artist in Barcelona, we got to paint our very own tags onto a (legal) wall. Then, we met with some other famous artists and saw them live in action, creating their most recent masterpieces and had a brief chat with them, although we struggled a bit to speak the same language.

After our street art tour, we headed to La Sagrada Familia, the church that is famous for its colour, complexity and the fact that it remains unfinished. We had a lovely tour guide who showed us the ins and outs of the church. After lunch, we had a bit of time for shopping, before returning to the hotel and going out to an Italian restaurant for supper.

Sunday was our last day and we visited the inspirational Picasso Museum. We saw some of his early works, from when he was as young as 14 and painting realism, to his most recent, more surreal pieces. Sunday morning was a morning of galleries as we made our way to the MACBA - the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. This gallery was full of weird and wonderful pieces of modern art including a big screen projecting a frog floating in space, a series of prints from the ‘Guerrilla Girls’ and a giant egg with books hanging on the walls inside. We were given some free time for lunch and shopping afterwards and then took a tour bus to Park Güell. There were the most amazing views of Barcelona from the Park and we enjoyed a watercolour workshop from Miss Litvack and painted parts of the gorgeous landscape in front of us.

The bus ride back to the hotel was a bit chillier than on the way, but we continued to be the ultimate tourists and spotted all of the main attractions that reside in the colourful city. After gathering all of our luggage, we hopped back on a bus to the airport. We were all welcomed back to the UK with a sharp wind and the realisation that we had left the sun behind us, as we got on the coach back to Calne. For me, the highlight of the trip was the street art and being able to create our own tags because I thought it was really satisfying and much harder to get right than people think. 

Anna (Year 10)