London Exhibition 'A Sense of Place' celebrates Art at St Mary's Calne

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St Mary’s Calne hosted their third triennial London Art Exhibition at Mall Galleries from 6th-11th November 2018. ‘A Sense of Place’ included nearly 100 pieces of art produced by current pupils, alumnae, parents and staff and showed a breathtaking level of skill, creativity and flair.

The Exhibition was a great success and featured many varied and exciting works, including ‘The Pits’ by Alice Wade, winner of Saatchi’s national LOVE ART Competition's Digital Art Prize and Royal Academy Online Exhibitor, and ‘Gourd’ by Clemency Fisher, winner of the Royal Academy ‘Young Art’ GCSE Painting Prize. Other notable pieces included work by Phoebe Dickinson, Lucy Kent, Arabella Dorman, Trudy Montgomery and Susan Wood.

The private view was held on Thursday evening and attended by nearly 180 parents, girls and friends who all thoroughly enjoyed the variety and diversity of the pieces. Many commented on the high standard of current girls’ work, as well as the very talented Old Girls we have in our community. Our guest judge, Gregory Rubinstein, Senior Director and Head of Old Master & Early British Drawings at Sotheby’s, awarded prizes to the following : Isabella Depla, Zara Verschoyle, Millie Knight and Rosie Bromiley, with the Calne Girls' Association Prize going to Clara Wade and the Fitzwilliam-Lay Prize to Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay.

Headmistress, Dr Kirk, commented: ‘The theme of the exhibition, ‘A Sense of Place’ has been well chosen. St Mary’s Calne is fortunate to be situated in a landscape which is world-famous and yet remains enigmatic in so many ways.  No one who comes to our part of Wiltshire can avoid reflecting on what it must have been like for our predecessors so many centuries ago to live in the same place. It might not be on the scale of a stone circle, but I am delighted with the range of responses to our exhibition, both the physical and metaphysical aspects of our ‘place’.

We are very grateful to the Calne Girls’ Association who generously sponsored the Private View drinks and to our catalogue advertisers. Any profits from this event will go towards the funds needed for a future Art School.

Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot, Director of Art