Art trip to Berlin inspires girls

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On Friday 26th January at 3am, ten art students in the UV and LVI Forms departed school, heading for Berlin.

"We were excited as we landed in a rather overcast Berlin. We headed straight out to Alexanderplatz, the central shopping centre. Here, we went up the TV Tower for lunch where, on a revolving platform, at 200m we enjoyed German cuisine. The views from here were amazing and we were lucky enough to be able to sketch the 360 degrees of Berlin. After a long day with an early rise, we went back to the hotel - where it didn’t take long to fall asleep.

On Saturday morning, we were raring to go out again. We went into the centre of the city where we had a street art tour. Here, our guide Ben taught us much about the culture of street art and graffiti as we walked the streets of Berlin. This was followed by a workshop, in a large disused margarine factory where we made our own graffiti stencils including Snoopy and Buddha. We learnt multiple techniques and didn’t realise how hard it was until we gave it a go!

In the afternoon, we went to the East Side Gallery, a 1.3km stretch of the Berlin Wall with commissioned artworks from a selection of artists globally. Although interesting it was very cold, so we quickly boarded the train back to central Berlin to the Menschen Museum to experience Dr Gunther von Hagens' exhibition 'BODY WORLDS'. We saw many shocking bodies, organs and animals that had been treated by the plastination technique in order to be preserved. This exhibition has caused much controversy with the public. It was a really brilliant opportunity for me due to its relevance in my current art project. This was followed by a trip and photo opportunities at the Brandenburg Gate before a delicious supper where we learnt how to say cheers in German - 'prost'. 

On Sunday morning, we went to two art galleries, the first being the Museum of Modern Art. It was really engaging and showed so many different aspects of art,  including installations, paintings and sculptures. The second gallery was the Museum für Fotografie. This was a really inspiring exhibition as the photographs we saw were original, and something none of us had quite seen before. In the afternoon, we unwound in a bustling flea market to spend the last of our Euros. Although it was cold, we managed to get many great buys including camera film, earrings and vintage clothes.

Unfortunately, the trip was over far too quickly, however on behalf of all of us, I would like to thank Miss Evans for organising such an excellent trip to Berlin over the exeat weekend. We hope that the success of this one will lead to another in the near future!"

Millie (LVI Form)