St Mary's inaugural indoor sprint Triathlon raises funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

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On Sunday 10th March 42 girls, teachers and parents gathered in the fantastic new sports centre to compete in the school's first ever indoor sprint triathlon. Girls from all years competed alongside their families and teachers in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Competitors and their supporters have thus far raised £1,900 for this wonderful charity, and the mood at the event was electric.

All who swam, cycled or ran did their best to earn their sponsorship and there were some extremely impressive times. This was not a race for elite athletes, however, and was a 'first try' for most participants. Nonetheless, many had trained for the race and there were some staggering personal performances.

The Graham-Campbells topped the team performance table, with impressively consistent performances all round. They just pipped UV (Year 11) girls Jenna, Elizabeth and Susannah to the top spot who had the same points, but had travelled a mere 1500m less distance across the three disciplines. Susannah's run time was the best on the day, averaging around 14.1 kmh for the 20-minute segment.

Fenella (Year 11) was the best individual triathlete on the day, fully demonstrating her future potential as a GBR triathlete. She also put in the fastest swim, and second fastest run overall. Mr Cawley and Mr Graham Campbell showed their quality on the bike at the top of the rankings, while Mr Smyth flew through the run (though not quite fast enough to beat the impressive Year 13 pupil, Caroline, in this leg). Year 11 pupil, Jenna, also swam an incredible distance, with Molly (Year 7) and Mrs Cawley also performing extremely well in the pool. We must also make mention of Mr Rose who has been in effect learning to swim in order to take part in a triathlon, and all were so impressed by the 550m swim he managed in such a short time.

Amena (Year 12), Mrs Mutch and Mr Brenchley also completed multiple legs of the race, demonstrating real stamina and determination.

The event was an undoubted success thanks to the enthusiasm to racing and fundraising of those involved, and we have learnt that some have been inspired to try a full triathlon in the future. Twelve teachers from the school will be racing for the same cause at the ITU Nottingham Triathlon Relays in the summer, so please support them when further details are announced in due course.

Race Director: Mr Dan Curran
GBR Triathlon and Aquathlon 40-44