Fantastic few days of Ski Racing in Flaine

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On Friday 26th January, eight girls flew to Geneva and then transferred to Flaine for the 56th British Schoolgirls' Ski Races,

We started our training on Saturday morning with our coach, the one and only Vincent Chanel! The girls started with free ski so that he could assess their abilities and balance. In the afternoon, they were up on the Stade Piste being trained on both GS and Slalom runs and then being timed. We were so lucky with the weather, with sun and the bluest of skies. The snow was plentiful too, so conditions were perfect. After constant eating in the Green Restaurant and many Kinder bars (the food of skiers!) we were fuelled for Sunday's training. There was a lot more timing on the course in the morning and then a free ski to relax. Once we had finished our race training, Vincent took the girls out on Yooner sledges. They looked a sight but they had so much fun!

Monday morning dawned with an 8am bib collection and course inspection, then at 8.15am the races began. The A Team were Amber, Georgina and Isabella and the B Team Ella, Cosima and Sophie. The Parallel Race Team were Annabel, Lily and Ella. There were 162 racers there this year from 34 schools from all over the UK. The standard of skiing was extremely high but we held our own and all six skiers managed to get down the first GS course in good times and gain a chance for another run. After the second run, we had all six skiers down with good times. The Parallel Races are on in the afternoon and this is where two teams race each other on a slalom course. We drew Surbition, so we were out in the first round unfortunately but well done to the girls for having a good go. After an early night,  Sunday brought the sun and the Slalom. It was quite a long, taxing course with lots of banana gates (not to Cosima's liking!) Again, we held our heads high and managed to get 5 out of 6 down in the first run. Amber was allowed a second run after a fall and she got a clear run on her second time.

We didn't win any medals this year but it was a good learning curve with a fairly young, first-time racing team. The girls are mentally psyched and ready for next year. A huge thank you to Vincent Chanel and White Horse taxis for getting us there and back in one piece. Congratulations to all of the girls for a fabulous few days of racing.

Mrs Natalie Baldwin, Head of Activities and Physical Education Teacher