USA Lacrosse Tour a triumph!

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The USA Lacrosse Tour at the start of the summer holidays was a huge success. Twenty six girls and four staff flew to New York City for a ten-day tour with four matches, one tournament, sightseeing, shopping and to enjoy the fine American hospitality.

The itinerary worked brilliantly, with a day to acclimatise in the Big Apple, visiting Ground Zero, a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty, walking the High Line, all in wall to wall sunshine and high humidity. We then travelled to New Jersey where we enjoyed a coaching clinic with university coaches, followed by two matches against T3 shore. The following day we had two teams entered into the Best of the Beach Tournament along with many of the best lacrosse clubs on the Eastern coast. The heat, intensity and level of competition were a real challenge but the girls really rose to the occasion. Battered, bruised and exhausted, we all relished the jump in the ocean to cool the tired legs and sunburnt shoulders! With a well-deserved lie in and full American breakfast we travelled back up to New York as we had tickets to the New York Yankee v Boston Red Sox Baseball Game. This was a real treat and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Our last few days were spent in Connecticut with three nights with the CT Dodgers. Further clinics and matches, more pizza and ice-cream and a chance to live with American families gave us all a real taste of their culture and their passion for lacrosse. As a squad we made significant progress, raising the level of our play, learning new tactics and developing as a team. Many thanks to all of you who supported the tour and a special thanks to Nandos and  Rathbones for their generous sponsorship of our very smart and professional Under Armour Tour Kit.