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Open to


6.45pm – Tuesday

12th September

University Student Panel

St Mary’s Alumnae

The Students’ Perspective

Sixth Form


7pm – Tuesday

19th September

Dr Adam Smith

Historian & Broadcaster

The Resistible Rise of Donald Trump 


Sixth Form Government & Politics and History Students


Open Lecture


6.45pm – Tuesday

3rd October

Vanessa Arelle

Art Collector & Entrepreneur

A Cultural Affair

Sixth Form Art & History of Art 
and UV Form Art Students


Open Lecture


7pm – Tuesday

10th October

Dr Helen Czerski

Physicist, Oceanographer & Broadcaster

The Science of Bubbles

Sixth Form Science & Geography Students and All Fifth Form


Open Lecture


Half Term





7pm - Tuesday

14th November

Dr Miranda Mowbray

Data Scientist

Cybersecurity: keeping ahead of the bad guys

Sixth Form Mathematics Students and All UV Form


Open Lecture


7pm – Tuesday

28th November

Professor Michael Finus

Environmental Economist

Obstacles of a Successful Climate Agreement: Can We Avoid Disaster?

Sixth Form Economics & Geography Students and UV Geographers


Open Lecture


7pm – Tuesday

5th December

Charlotte Dujardin CBE

British Dressage Rider


An Interview with Charlotte Dujardin: The Girl on the Dancing Horse

Sixth Form and Sports Scholars & Riders


Open Event