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On Tuesday of Donaldson Week, the MIV (Year 8) girls gathered for a day of music making, based on the musical Hamilton by the hip-hop artist Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The girls began by learning the opening number, Alexander Hamilton, and performing it with Dr Gibbs and Flossie at the piano and Mr Allard at the drum kit. We discussed the style of music, and how we could write a similar rap based on an inspirational person and using the same literary and musical techniques as Miranda. The girls spent the rest of the day researching the lives of women from around the world who embody global citizenship, for example Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and using sequencing software to create, record and perform raps about their lives. Elo and Amelia wrote the following about their experience:

'We found Tuesday’s activity enjoyable because of the great music and because it was hip-hop, R'n'B and something we young girls could all relate to. We liked being able to learn about strong women and what they did to accomplish success. Being able to learn how to use Soundtrap was a great experience and I loved being in a recording studio and using a real microphone. We also got to make our own songs which took a lot of time but we got to hear different people’s ideas and learn things from their point of view. It was good to come out of our shells and express ourselves freely.'