School House Production: Our Teacher's a Troll by Dennis Kelly

After weeks of hoping for sun and a rather chilly and damp dress rehearsal in the rain, the day of the LIV (Year 7) play in the week before Half Term dawned bright and warm - the perfect weather for an outdoor performance. It was wonderful to be able to welcome parents, staff and supporters to the idyllic setting of the Lime Kiln Garden and see the girls showcase the results of many weeks of line-learning and rehearsing.

Every member of School House was included in this ensemble performance and everybody played their roles with energy and sparkle, but a few special mentions must be made. Niamh and Jemima made a fabulous pair of terrible twins, with more lines to learn than anyone else! The stunning Troll, created by Mr James, played by Clem and voiced by Grace M., stole the show - Clem especially deserves credit for her utter professionalism and dedication to a physically challenging role. Eve did a fantastic job of portraying the downtrodden yet dignified deputy head, Mr McCreedy. And nobody could forget Willa's hilarious appearance as the Prime Minister. Music was provided by a string quartet of staff, UVI (Year 13) and MIV (Year 8) students, playing a nostalgic mix of TV themes and primary school hymns to set the scene!

I would like to thank Mrs Muir, Miss Turley and the rest of the School House team for their support; Mr Slater and Mr Austin in IT for the live stream; Mrs Black and the Premises team for the stage and the tent; and Mr Ellis for helping with costumes.

Dr Daisy Gibbs, School House Tutor and Head of Academic Music