The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd thankfully returned to St Mary's last Friday evening, as the LV (Year 10) Drama students gave the first live performances since last Autumn’s Senior Production of Nell Gwynn. The sequence of five short plays constituted a major part of the girls’ course, and were all derived from Miss Darling’s ingenious stimuli that included extracts, news stories and images, all with their roots in classic Circus and Vaudeville.

Tashy and Amara kicked off with their chilling tale of death and runaways, A ticket to Tragedy, and Eva-Rose and Elowen then gave us a powerful saga of Siamese Twins exacting a dramatic revenge on their doctors, The Machiavellious Duo. This was followed by the funniest play, The Dumb Detectives in which Connie, Lucy and Polly played the title characters in a well-received and physical piece. Elea and Tilly thrilled us with Persons X, Y & Z, a classic piece of hard-bitten Film-noir style mystery, and Eliza, Poppy and Sophie completed an intriguing and inventive evening with Evelyn’s Elephant, in which the title character came to a dazzling and deadly end. Throughout, the expert guidance of Miss Darling and Miss Caldwell was much in evidence.

The audience, featuring other LV (Year 10) students, UIV (Year 9) Drama students and numerous staff, gave each piece a well-deserved, rapturous response, and they collectively showed the performance talent we have here at St Mary's, and that the thrill of ‘live’ performance can’t be bettered!

Mr Duncan Ellis, Director of Drama