At the start of February, we saw sterling performances of Nell Gwynn (UVI - Year 13) and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (UV -Year 11) in the Delscey Burns Theatre at St Mary's.

Nell Gwynn told the story of the famous eponymous mistress of Charles II,  who also happened to be one of the most acclaimed early actresses of the Restoration Stage.  We took Jessica Swale's witty script and presented the first 25 minutes, and Kristina as Nell, Amalie as her mentor Hart, and Kirsten in a superb multi-roling turn, acquitted themselves brilliantly. This was matched by the GCSE class in their presentation of 10 scenes from the adaptation of Mark Haddon's famous novel, which focuses on autistic boy Christopher's quest to discover the fate of the dead dog he finds in his neighbour's garden. The performances over the whole evening were testimony to how hard the girls had worked on these challenging, theatrical pieces. 

Mr Duncan Ellis, Director of Drama