Ubu Theatre TripOn 23rd January, several Drama scholars, ambassadors and members of the Drama Club went to Bristol to see Kneehigh’s Ubu! A Singalong Satire, which is a unique, modern take on Alfred Jarry’s play, Ubu Roi.

Set in the happy town of Lovelyville, Mr and Mrs Ubu wreak havoc in a short time after their arrival. The stage was set out quite strangely; there was a circular raised platform in the middle of the room and the audience were free to move around it in order to see the play from different perspectives. Behind that, there was another stage for the band and for a few scenes in the play. It generally worked very well, allowing people to feel much more a part of the play.

During the production, there were loads of games and audience interaction. Overall, it was a very enjoyable night with lots of exciting memories.  Maya (Year 9)