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LAMDA ShowcaseOn Thursday 6th June, 11 girls performed in the Summer Term LAMDA Showcase in the Delscey Burns Theatre. The selection of girls ranged from LIV up to LVI (Year 7 to Year 12) who are mostly taking a LAMDA exam later this month.  The small audience of girls and parents enjoyed a selection of monologues, a duologue and a musical theatre piece from a wide range of classic texts, contemporary plays and musicals.

There was wonderful variety being showcased from intense Shakespearean verse from Jolie, through to joyous musical celebration in a song from My Fair Lady by Izzy, to hilarious comedy such as Gwen’s performance of Fashion, or Life in New York. The other students performing were Elowen, Zina, Amalie, Eléa, Phoebe, Evie, Alexandra and Rosie.

LAMDA is a wonderfully celebrated extra-curricular subject at St Mary’s Calne. The LAMDA teachers; Rosalind Patterson, Natasha Gray, Rebecca Cochran-Patrick and Freddie Underwood are immensely proud of the girls' achievements this year. We wish all the girls taking an exam this month the best of luck.