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Friday 26th April saw the girls' final performance of Flesh, having already performed the play in the school theatre, and it was a great opportunity for the girls to perform on stage at The Egg Theatre, Bath.

Here, two of the Year 9 girls recount their experience:

'It was a very exciting day, including a workshop, a technical, some rehearsal time, dinner at Pizza Express and the performance of another company besides our own.

As soon as we got to the theatre in Bath, we started the day with a three-hour technical. Even though it was rather long and required patience, it was necessary, and greatly improved the final performance. We then ate lunch. Following that, an NT Connections director ran a workshop for us, covering topics such as status, script and improvisation, which was packed with laughter. After supper, we attended the other company’s spectacle, called Chaos. Then it was our turn. As an ensemble, we went on stage (or backstage) and did our best to make ourselves and all those people who had helped us along the way proud. In several people’s view, it was the best performance we could have given. It went smoothly and we all delivered our lines with confidence.

At the end of the show, there was much chatter involving parents and students. All of us were tired but happy and proud of our accomplishment.

We all enjoyed the experience enormously and learnt many new skills. Most of us were not used to working with such a large cast in such a small space but worked together to make the play a success. The play stood out because there were no given roles, so we all had to develop our characters based on the lines we were given. We are glad we participated in the play as it was lots of fun.'

Phoebe and Mafalda (Year 9)