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On 12th February, 15 Year 12 girls gave their presentations at the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) Studios in Chenies Street, London. These were in front of an audience and a panel of communications experts from RADA in Business, who then questioned them on their topics and gave feedback on their skills.

Their chosen subjects all had a wider social, political, economic or environmental impact on the world and as a result, we had an eclectic and entertaining selection. This included the voting habits of Generation Z, social media’s effect on mental health, gender inequality, the location and existence of little known historical relics and the effects of the manufacturing of clothing on the environment.

The girls’ efforts were universally praised by a suitably impressed RADA panel, one of the tutors even claiming that many of them were of a higher standard than the professionals he coaches. The following girls were particularly commended: Amalie on the merits of learning a second language, Lucy on the dangers of online gambling, Mya on the nature of Nationalism, Osarhieme on personal identity and Sisan on racism.

Well done to you all. This was a challenging task, which was competently executed.

For further information about the school's unique Advanced Communications Course with RADA, please click here

Ms Annabel Chater, RADA Teacher