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Silver DofEThe UV (Year 11) set out on Friday afternoon for the start of their Silver DofE Practice Expedition. It was a bit of a baptism of fire as, due to Covid, they had not been able to complete their Bronze expeditions.

Their first campsite at Lydeway was a gentle introduction to campsites, with lovely mowed lawns and hot water to wash up in. It was a shame about the weather forecast! They even had a covered area to cook under as the owner of the campsite had kindly moved his car out of the lean-to so that they could cook there. They were given gentle reminders, and not so gentle reminders, about keeping their campcraft organised, tidy and safe. Some teams managed better than others! Everyone slept reasonably well, with the pitter-patter of rain on the tents all night.

There was a bit of a slow start in the morning, as many of the groups cooked their porridge to set them up ready for day. The navigation from all of the groups was quite good, especially considering that it was really their first-ever expedition. During the day all of the teams reacted in a calm and efficient manner to solve any problems, displaying a very mature approach. Well done to all involved. The second campsite was definitely more basic but all of the teams took it in their stride - although they learnt the hard way how clean the stoves needed to be for checking! The accompanying staff sent the stoves back to be rewashed, in order to meet the required standards! All of the teams were keen to finish on Sunday, before the heavy rain returned.

Well done to all of the girls who participated.