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On Sunday 25th September, nine Bronze DofE Teams set off from Gibbins House for a circular training walk in the All Cannings area. Armed with map, compass and sweets the girls were both excited and nervous about being on their own in the open countryside and navigating their way via three checkpoints back to the minibuses. The weather was kind and stayed mainly dry and all the teams made good time following their route cards. Teams 1 and 2 were very fast and reached the end almost at the same time and were very pleased to be back at school in the early afternoon. The other teams made steadier progress and were in high spirits with much singing and laughing. All the teams were safely back at school by late afternoon.

The teams all did very well and are now one step closer to being ready for their Practice Expedition in March next year. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who once again supported this event.

Mrs Eloise MacLean, DofE Co-ordinator