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On Sunday 20th September, eight teams of LV girls set off on their Bronze DofE Walk in the local area of Stanton St Bernard.

"We were the third group to set off starting our walk at 9:30am. Before we left, we managed to persuade the catering staff into letting us have nine of their delicious Sunday brunch muffins! We set off with high hopes, having consumed the muffins on the bus. As we climbed our first obstacle (a huge hill) we sang a medley of the latest pop songs, earning glares form the cows nearby. After our delightful singing, we came across a group of cows, with calves, and a huge fat bull. Slightly shell-shocked, we retreated, and chose to take a different path, walking all the way back down the hill and around it.

We reached checkpoint one with a sense of triumph. To celebrate, we opened a jar of Nutella and shared it around with a single spoon. Having got rather odd measurements (two lacrosse pitches) for our next turning point, we set off to checkpoint two. Two hours later, we were all tired, frustrated and hungry. We made ourselves comfortable on the grass terrain and took out our packed lunches, as we debated the routes we would take the rest of the way. We then started walking again, having regained our spirits. We then got hopelessly lost, and had to rely on Mr Rose who had kindly rescued us. Unfortunately, we did not heed his advice, and after realising he hadn’t followed us, we eventually found checkpoint two. After Lucy had a near-wet experience as we walked along the canal, we decided to sit down to renew our energy before power-walking to checkpoint three. Having got there, we were more motivated than ever to reach our final checkpoint, where a bus would be waiting to take us back to school. After blood, sweat and tears, we had finally finished our first DofE walk, and took a well-deserved shower when we got back."
Team 5(Elif, Camilla, Lucy, Ila, Ellie, Zara and Isabella)