Archery: The Archery Club runs once a week and is designed for beginners to the sport. We meet in the gym during the Winter and Spring Terms and shoot outside in the summer. All equipment is provided. Some girls do archery as their Bronze DofE physical activity. Please speak to Father Jonathan for more information.

Art (Junior Artists’ Studio): For keen Artists to develop their skills with additional support from Art Staff. This is an open activity, particularly suitable for those who love Art.

Art School Open (Juniors): A chance to work on art/craft-based activities outside lesson time. You may work at your own projects or on group activities.

Art School Open (Seniors): For Artists to spend additional time on their own projects. Non-GCSE Artists welcome too if previously arranged with the Art Staff.

Art: Life Drawing (Sixth Form): A course attended by all Sixth Form Art students at which, subject to the availability of space, Non-Exam Artists are welcome by prior negotiation with the Art Staff.

Badminton Club: A popular evening club. Please contact the Miss Setterington for further details.

Book Club (UIV - LV): Run by Mrs Lord. 

Code Breaking Club: Run by Dr Drape in preparation for National Cipher Challenge.

Computer Science Club - 'Pi and Chips': An online Computer Science club run by Mr Mason. 
Pi and Chips Club allows pupils to explore programming, robotics and the practical side of Computer Science.  Students use their iPads to learn about visual programming apps such as Swift Playgrounds and Lightbot as well as app development sites such as's App Lab. Students can also make robots and compete against other schools as part of the Lego League.  As well as coming to the club on a Friday, pupils can also access all the materials from Firefly on the ICT and Computing site at any time.

Confirmation: Father Jonathan prepares girls for Church of England Confirmation which takes place in the Parish Church near the end of November. The majority of girls prepared are LV Form but girls from other years are welcome too. Roman Catholic girls may also join the course; they will be confirmed separately and receive additional instruction from our local Roman Catholic priest. Any new girl interested in joining Confirmation Classes should tick this on the Evening Activities Choice sheet and find Father Jonathan to discuss it. 

Cookery (UVI Form run for LIV and MIV Form): Returning by popular demand, a Wednesday and Thursday evening Cookery Session for LIV and MIV Form run by members of the UVI Form. Girls sign up for one session at a time and suggestions for recipes and menus are welcomed by the UVI Form leaders.

Dance Club (Junior and Senior sessions): Please contact Miss Robyn Caldwell for further information.

Dance Leaders Award: Dance is one of the most popular physical activities for teenagers in the country and is also a fantastic way for them to develop and hone vital leadership skills. Please contact Miss Caldwell

Debating (Junior and Senior): Girls are encouraged to research and explore a wide variety of topics as part of this informal introduction to debating. The art of persuasion is explored and refined as girls actively propose and oppose contentious ideas. Please contact Mrs Handy for Senior and Mrs Lord for Junior

DofE – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Bronze/Silver/Gold: Popular voluntary activity programmes with four sections: a Volunteering, Physical, Skills and a Team Expedition (+ a Residential for Gold) with activities chosen to suit your individual interests. Bronze starts in UIV Form, Silver in LV, UV or LVI and Gold from age 16. Everyone welcome - further information from Mrs Thompson for Gold and Silver and Mrs Maclean for Bronze.

Drama Society (LIV and MIV Form): Lots of fun for everyone exploring Drama in the Delscey Burns Theatre. No previous experience needed – actors and non-actors welcome for exciting projects which may include masks, theatre games, creating characters and dramatic presentations. There is no limit on group size and this activity runs for an hour per week each term. The highlight of the Summer Term is the Junior Production.

Drama Junior Production (LIV and MIV Form): The Junior Production, usually involving all the girls in LIV and MIV Forms, is an important feature of the Summer Term. 

Drama LAMDA Lessons (All year groups): LAMDA lessons are offered as a very popular paid extra activity to girls in all year groups. Lessons may be either individual or paired and girls usually work toward the LAMDA grade exams in Acting or the Speaking of Verse and Prose.

Dungeons and Dragons: The core of D&D is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more. You can also explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons through any of the novels written by its fantasy authors, as well as engaging board games

Eco Group: This is a team of pupils who meet once every Half Term to discuss ways to make our school environmentally friendly. We have successfully implemented recycling bins in each classroom and helped to design new BPA-free school water bottles. We planted a fruit tree to become part of an international boarding schools' orchard, which was featured in the local newspaper. In addition, the new School Library has also had the Eco Group's input on how to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you would like to join Eco Group and make a difference to the school community, contact Mrs Tanner.

Filmmaking Club: Filmmaking Club is run by a LVI student who has made her own films. In this club the girls will go back to basics and learn how to work all the equipment, how to set a scene, and how to put simple cuts together.

First Aid (DofE): Courses run in the Autumn Term for all new Fifth and Sixth Form who will be involved in DofE Expeditions and in the Spring Term for all UIV Form as preliminary training for Bronze Expeditions. The training follows the St John Ambulance Young First Aider course and is tailored to the needs of outdoor First Aid.

Fitness Suite (Fifth Form use): The Fitness Suite is available for use by Fifth Forms on Friday evenings between 7pm and 8.00pm. LV Form will receive a full induction into the Fitness Suite from the PE Department and must not use it on Friday evenings until this induction has taken place.

Fitness Suite (Sixth Form use): The Fitness Suite is available for Sixth Form use during Community sessions in the evenings. New members of the Sixth Form: please note that you will be receive a full induction into the Fitness Suite from the PE Department and must not use it except in PE lessons until this induction has taken place.

Fitness Clubs (Fifth and Sixth Form and Senior Teams) A chance for Senior girls to improve and maintain their fitness, following a staff led, structured fitness programme.

Football Club: Run as often as possible.  Please see Mr Lopez

French Surgery: French surgery is a revision and support group for UV girls preparing for IGCSE.

German Club (LIV Form): Please contact the MFL Department for further details. 

Golf: Beginners to advanced. Golf training happens at Bowood Golf Course both on the green and at the driving range with a Bowood professional coach. Please see Miss Setterington

Lecture Programme (Sixth Form): All Sixth Form attend the Lecture Programme from 7pm to 8pm on Tuesday evenings. Visiting speakers cover a range of topics including those of relevance to academic subjects, current affairs and gap year and career planning.

Lego League: FIRST® LEGO® League introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children ages 4-16* through fun, exciting hands-on learning. Participants gain real-world problem-solving experience through a guided, global robotics program, helping today's students and teachers build a better future together. Please Contact Mr Lopez

Minecraft Education Edition Club: Minecraft: Education Edition’s 3D sandbox environment and block-based mechanics make it an ideal workspace for students to learn mathematical principles and test their ideas. Concepts like area and perimeter, patterns, ratios, and coordinates all come alive when they’re laid out spatially and can be manipulated with the click of the mouse. Learning with a game that students know and love also helps keep them engaged and energized. Please Contact Mr Lopez

Model United Nations (MUN): An academic simulation of the United Nations, aiming to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations' agenda.   Please contact Dr Wickson

Music: Chamber Choir: This is open to enthusiastic singers from LV Form up by audition, with a repertoire extending from sacred music to pop and jazz. The choir sings Cathedral services, gives local concerts to raise money for charities and tours abroad. It has also made radio broadcasts, sung on television and sung for the Queen. New girls interested in joining the Chamber Choir should see Dr Gibbs in the first week of term.

Music: Flute Group: It is an opportunity for beginners and more experienced players to play exciting and fun repertoire appropriate for their level, to develop tone and ensemble skills and to rehearse for performances through the school year.

Music: Junior Choir: All the LIV Form girls sing together as a choir at lunchtime on Wednesdays each week, as part of their musical education. They contribute to the school community by performing at major school events such as the Carol Service, the Spring Concert and Founders’ Day.

Music: Junior Consort: An auditioned choir of a maximum of 20 singers from the LIV, MIV and UIV to encourage Junior singing excellence in the choral tradition. Grade 2 aural and sight singing skills required. The Consort will be auditioned each year as girls move up through the school. Choral skills will be expected: Sight singing and aural training will be nurtured. Repertoire will include commissioned works, English song arrangements, sacred and secular choral works and modern, popular arrangements.

Music: Big Band: An enthusiastic group of players, generally of at least Grade 4/5 standard that includes saxophones, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, keyboards, bass and guitar. It rehearses weekly and plays in concerts in and out of school. Band members have a lot of fun and gain a great sense of achievement and progression. Possible new band members should see one of the Music staff.

Music: Opera Ensemble: The Opera Ensemble is the perfect showcase for confident singers interested in musical theatre and exploration of the repertoire, and keen to demonstrate their talents in public at concerts and other school events. Those interested should see Mrs Fryar.

Music: Percussion Ensemble: This group performs at many major events, including the Spring Concert and Founders' Day. The group rehearses weekly and is open to girls of varying ability. 

Music Recording Sessions: The Studio Sessions are an opportunity for any student to record music and the spoken word for posterity, and to learn about the processes involved. Any level of performance is welcomed, from pieces prepared for an examination or well loved, learnt for fun, a work in progress or even those intended as a gift! A technician and accompanist are available to help and advise. Sessions are booked in advance.

Music: String Groups: To encourage string ensemble playing and explore the repertoire with players of similar expertise and experience, groups include three String Quartets and String Sinfonia.

Music: Symphony Orchestra: All instruments very welcome. Players are generally of approximately Grade 5 standard or above and have the opportunity to play music in a wide range of styles and to perform in concerts in and out of school. There is a weekly one-hour rehearsal for all players, and an additional shorter rehearsal for the string players to explore music specifically for string orchestra. If you would like to join, see one of the Music Staff.  

Music: Vocal Ensembles: Enthusiastic groups of singers who enjoy practising and performing a range of musical numbers.  Every year group has its own vocal ensemble which meets once a week during a specified break time.

Music: Wind Band: This group includes woodwind, brass and percussion instruments up to grade 5 standard, and plays arrangements of popular classics and chart-toppers.  

Needlecraft/Textiles Club:  Would you like to learn how to knit, crochet, cross stitch or sew? The club is free and all materials will be provided.  Come along and have a go at making things.  We meet in the Imagination Zone below School House and everyone is welcome.

PE: Hockey Club (Junior): Weekly evening club open to Fourth Form girls who are keen to play Hockey in the Autumn Term and develop their skills purposefully but informally.

PE: Lacrosse Clubs: Weekly evening clubs for a) Fourth Form including beginners and b)Seniors, to play and improve your Lacrosse in a structured but informal setting.

PE: Netball Club (Junior): Improve your Netball skills in a weekly club session – run in the Autumn Term and open to all Fourth Form.

PE: Team Practices: Run weekly for most team sports at lunchtimes and for the U14’s Hockey, Lacrosse and Netball Team on Mondays at 5.15pm. Aspiring new team players should look out for Team Trials notices on the PE board or speak to a member of the PE Staff. Fourth Form Team Practices are attended by all members of the year groups.

Photography Club: Open to all year groups. This group meets weekly in the Autumn Term and alternates practical sessions with more technical, theory-based sessions in the classroom. Everybody welcome - no photographic experience is necessary!

Public Speaking: Girls are encouraged to master this key communication skill through entry to several competitions during the year; whilst doing so, they learn about all aspects of public speaking from preparation to motivation, practice and delivery.  Please see Mrs Lord for further details.

RADA 'Speak Out' Programme (LVI Form): The Drama Department boasts a unique relationship with RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).  Our RADA Advanced Communication Course, the only one of its kind in the UK, is available to all girls in LVI Form, whatever their subject choices at A Level.  The training has encouraged and developed excellent communication and presentation skills, vocal and physical development, greater confidence and an abundance of transferable skills. Girls receive specialist training which culminates in a showcase at RADA itself in London. 

Lessons for girls who do not have their own pony at livery locally
Girls who do not have their own Pony at livery locally are offered riding lessons at a local approved Riding Centre, Rein and Shine. The Centre has facilities for tuition of girls of all standards on riding school ponies. The minimum requirement is to be able to walk unassisted on a pony as no leaders will be available. Private lessons can be arranged separately for complete beginners. Lessons are 45 minutes of riding plus a feedback time of 15 minutes per group, which we use for progression planning. Please contact Miss Emms

Lessons for girls who have a pony at either Stockley Farm or Ham Farm
It is usually possible for a girl’s pony to be kept at a local livery, either at Stockley Farm (Helen Martin) or Ham Farm (Christina Wiederkehr).  We advise parents contemplating keeping a pony at livery to contact the establishment directly, to check that livery would be available and to ensure that the arrangements are suitable. Your daughter could then ride her own pony/horse for lessons during the week and transport is arranged for girls accordingly, in conjunction with the school Logistics Manager, 

For further information please contact Miss Kerry Emms, Equestrian Co-ordinator at St Mary's.

Running Club: With Amy Chalk.

Scholars' Programme (By Invitation): All academic scholars and exhibitioners automatically become part of the Scholars’ Programme whereby they are invited to attend sessions led by members of staff or outside guests. The sessions are demanding, often cross-curricular, and are designed to take the girls out of their classroom comfort zone. Ultimately these girls are likely to apply to high-ranking universities and the work we cover with them will stand them in good stead for potential interviews. The Scholars are normally divided into Junior (LIV-UIV) and Senior (LV-LVI) although these boundaries change according to the content and wish of the speaker.

Ski Team Race Training: Organised by Mrs Baldwin, this will run at Mendip Ski Centre on selected Friday evenings during the Autumn Term, in preparation for the British Schoolgirls’ Ski Races in France in the Spring Term.

Sports Leader Award: Young people undertaking a qualification in Sports Leadership will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation whilst learning to lead basic physical activities to younger people, their peers, older generations and within the community Please contact Miss Setterington

Strength and Conditioning: Strength and Conditioning training involves a wide range of exercises developed to build a variety of skills with a focus on mind, mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.

Swimming (Team Training): Weekly training sessions are run for Team swimmers, to help develop your swimming in preparation for competitions. Fourth Form Team swimmers meet on Tuesday and Friday evenings and Seniors before school on Wednesday mornings.

Swimming (Development Squad): A weekly training session for all LIV Form and MIV Form who are not Team swimmers, to help develop their technique, stamina and confidence.

Tennis Coaching: (All year groups) Tennis Coaching is available through St Mary's Calne Tennis Academy (SMCTA) as a very popular paid extra activity to girls in all year groups. Individual and duo coaching is offered to all students and many of our players have a combination of the two. We recommend starting with individual lessons and through the year our coaches will get a better idea of who would be a suitable partner for you to start additional duo lessons with.  Please see Mr Hayes, the Director of Tennis, for further information.

Tennis Leaders Award: A tennis leader is someone that is able to support the coach and committee with the day to day running of the tennis venue and tennis programme. Tennis leaders is an exciting programme which can help young people get the first step on the career ladder. Adults who enjoy volunteering see it as a way of getting some informal training around organising competition or taking a role on the committee.

Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate is a fast-moving team sport enjoyed by millions of players the world over. Although frequently compared to sports like soccer or American Football, Ultimate has some unique features that set it apart. There are no referees. And it’s played with a flying disc. To compete at the highest level, Ultimate players require speed, agility and endurance. Yet beginners find the game easy to learn and fun to play. Grab a disc, get out there, and discover why many think this is the ultimate team sport. Please see Mr Lopez

Yoga: Takes place every Wednesday in the Gym with a qualified Yoga instructor, Ami Macallister.  Yoga is said to be for the purpose of uniting the mind, body and spirit.  Please see Mrs Baldwin for further information. 

Young Enterprise Company Programme (LVI Form): An opportunity for teams of pupils to set up and run a real business over the course of one academic year. Throughout the year of trading, companies will be supported and guided by Young Enterprise business advisors. Each company will elect a board of directors, raise share capital, and market and finance a product or service of their choice. At the end of the year, they will present a report of their accounts to their shareholders. Anyone that joins the Company Programme must show real commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm, as running a business is really hard work! If interested, tick it on the evening activities choice sheet and speak to Mr Cleaver.