Insider Info for 13+ Ask here!

Don’t worry! There are plenty of other girls who will be in the same situation as you and all the girls are very warm, welcoming and friendly.

You have an hour in the evenings between 7pm-8pm and you can also do it during the school day in study periods or at lunchtime if you're free.

It ends at 5:30pm but there are lots of evening clubs and activities so you could be busy until 8pm.

We have sport every day. There are team practices three times a week, PE, swimming and games lessons as well as matches.

Four periods of normal lessons divided with a break, and then a Games afternoon. This year we have double music and then double drama.

Yes but you are not allowed them during lesson time, and you have to hand them in at 8:45pm in the evening. You are allowed them from 7:15am.

Between three and seven in UIV Form (Year 9). Once you get into LV Form (Year 10) you get your own room and in the Sixth Form you have your own bathroom too!

Yes, you can bring in as much as you wish and you have the privilege of keeping it in your rooms. There is also a kitchen in House where you can cook things, make toast etc

For the UIV Form (Year 9) lights are turned out at 9.30pm on weekdays and later usually on Saturdays.

What shall I do if no one from my school is joining St Mary’s with me?

Do you have certain times to do your prep?

What time does the school day end?

How many periods of sport do you do during a week?

What lessons (if any) do you have on a Saturday?

Can you have a mobile phone?

How many people are there in a dorm?

Are you allowed to bring in tuck?

What time are the lights turned out?