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So many clubs we’re spoilt for choice! Ballet, fencing, cookery, drama, lacrosse, hockey, creative writing, riding, pottery, LAMDA and more…

8.20am- 5.30pm, unless you do extra clubs, which might go on until 8pm. On Saturdays, lessons finish at 11.45am followed by sports’ afternoon until 3.30pm or matches until 5pm.

Definitely enough. There is a half an hour morning break and then a long lunch break when there are often sports practices or other activities.

Lacrosse, netball and swimming in the autumn. Hockey, swimming and cross-country in spring and in the summer tennis, athletics and rounders.

About three to four subjects that take around 20 minutes each. You can do your prep in your free periods or after lessons.

There’s always a good choice and we are never hungry! As well as hot food, there’s also a great 'Baguette Bar' at lunchtime.

There are lots! Ice-skating, chocolate-making, arts and crafts activities, cinema and theatre trips, sports activities…

Oh yes - History, Geography, RS… even the Harry Potter Studios! At the end of the year, there's a 5 day trip to Bude.

We are all in a 'Company' which in other schools is called a House. There are lots of Company activities and competitions and it’s a great way to make friends with girls in all years.

In the LIV Form (Year 7) you can go in groups of 3 or 4 on a Saturday after sport. In the older years, you can go more often. We also have a great school shop on site.

As much as you like, but it is kept in a locked drawer in the common room. We are allowed it twice or three times a week.

After lessons you can change into mufti and we wear mufti all day on Sunday. Once a term there is usually a charity mufti day.

You can take about six people out for supper with your parents and have a cake (the school makes delicious cakes!)

What clubs are there?

How long is the school day?

How much free time do you have?

What sports do you do?

How much prep do you get per day?

What is the food like?

What weekend activities are there?

Are there any trips?

When do you mix with girls in other years?

How often are you allowed into Calne?

How much tuck are you allowed?

When are you allowed to wear mufti?

What can you do on your birthday?