A Day in the life of a St Mary's Calne Sixth Former

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7:45am – Wake up and go to breakfast. As Sixth Formers we are given the option to have cereal or toast in house however breakfast in also available in the main school dining room.

8:25 – Chapel There are a variety of interesting chapels given by various students, year groups and teachers. The subjects range from current affairs and relevant subject discoveries to an interesting expedition or trip that someone has been on.

8:45-10:50 Lessons We have two one-hour lessons with a five minute break in between to make the rush between classrooms less hectic! All lessons are interesting especially as we are now studying three of our favourite subjects and learning things that we are really interested in!

10:50-11:10 Break The school provides an amazing amount of food at break such as smoothies, cheese and crackers, cookies, hot dogs and fruit bowls (of course not all at the same time!!) Girls like to either sit in the dining room and chat to friends or return back to house to prepare for the next lesson.

11:10-1:15 Lessons Again we have two one-hour lessons. Our timetables vary and we are lucky enough to have a significant amount of free periods. These are extremely helpful as they give us some extra time to complete prep/extra reading and some girls use the time to work on their EPQs (independent research projects). For some girls free periods are also taken up by extra music, tennis, LAMDA or even driving lessons!

1:15-2:45 Lunch Break We are very lucky to have a huge number of options at lunch. There are normally two or three hot main options with vegetables and a pudding. To go with this there is a large salad bar with a huge variety of fresh salads, quinoa, quiche and much more. There is also the option to use the ‘pop up bar’ which provides a quicker lunch option. This also varies depending on the day and includes the baguette bar, burger bar, noodle bar and jacket potato bar. We have quite a long lunch break as it is used for the sports TPs (team practices). We have an hour of sport between lunch and lessons and this ranges from lacrosse, hockey and netball in the winter to tennis and athletics in the summer. We are also lucky enough that a large number of teams can play matches and so anyone who shows enthusiasm by turning up to the TPs will have the chance to represent the school in a match.

2:45-3:45 Lesson

3:45-4:05 Tea Again we are provided with food in the dining room. There are options such as an ice lolly in the summer or a hot chocolate and toast in the winter.

4:05-5:05 Lesson

6-7pm Supper and evening activities
There is a large range of evening activities on offer, for example music ensembles, cookery, dissection club, space society, archery, football, skiing, golf and Christian Union. In the winter there is an extra lacrosse club, while tennis and athletics clubs are run in the summer.

7-9pm Prep We are given a substantial amount of time to complete our prep. As we have our own rooms we can do this without much hassle, as everything we need is right next to us. Different teachers are on duty each evening as the evening Tutors and they are always available to go to for extra help should anyone need it.

After prep lots of us sit in the common room with some toast and hot chocolate doing various things; playing pool or just simply chatting.

• Throughout the year we also have a range of company events within five companies of girls in all years. Events range from all of the sports (including Sports Day) to Company Shout (music) and Company Quizzes. We have company meetings once a week where we discuss events coming up such as the annual Company Suppers – the company picks a theme and the whole group gathers in fancy dress for supper and activities, which is a lot of fun! 
• There is a Sixth Form Lecture programme run once a week and we have a huge variety of accomplished speakers. They have all been interesting and relevant, for example someone who conquered Mt Everest, scientists, explorers, historians, journalists and medics. 
• Any girl studying a language (from GCSE onwards) has the opportunity to meet with a member of staff who comes from that particular country for a weekly conversation lesson. These are done alone or in pairs and really help improve general conversation. 
• Saturday mornings in LVI (Year 12) consist of a programme including a number of different lessons. We have careers lessons where we discuss universities and UCAS, EPQ and critical thinking lessons and finally Personal Development, yoga and sometimes even martial arts. They all teach us skills that will be useful once we have left school and give us strategies to cope with a number of situations.

By Olivia, LVI Form (Year 12)