A Day in the Life ...

We wake up at 7.15am in the morning. Whilst I struggle to get up in the morning, the brisk walk to breakfast, past the spectacular Copper Beech tree, helps to wake me up! I always hope it is going to be waffles and berries for breakfast – a personal favourite.  With ten minutes to spare, I manage to fit in some extra piano practice. 

We have registration then chapel, before the start of a busy day. Today it is the UIV’s turn to deliver chapel, and I am sharing my reflections on a current news story.  There are notices given, including reminders for play rehearsals. I have to remember to go to the theatre to rehearse for our ‘Four on Tour’ production this evening!

For my first two periods, I’ve got Latin and English. We’ve been preparing for the Latin reading Competition, which is challenging yet fun, and makes this ‘dead’ language come alive! Break at last. I’m starving! We chat and plan our outfits for our forthcoming Social with a boys’ school in our region.  I dash to my locker and frantically search for my music sheets, before making my way up to the Music block.   We are currently using Garage Band in the iMac Suite to compose an epic soundtrack for a film.  

Next, it’s time to make my way to the Science block for Chemistry.  We explore the reactivity of different metals, which ends up with a roomful of fascinated faces as we observe the lilac flame floating on the water.

Before I know it, it’s lunchtime and I am looking forward to the upcoming netball matches. But I do know there’s a lot to cram into a 90 minutes’ break! With such a variety of food, it’s a tough choice between the Pasta Bar or the Shepherd’s Pie from the main servery. Whilst my dorm mates are playing lax during T.P. (team practice), I make my way back to House, where I find an empty Common Room – the perfect opportunity to slip in some piano practice. Then it’s time to register with our lovely Day Housemistress, and head out onto the Netball courts where we await the arrival of our opposition!

At 4pm we have Tea, for me a hot cup of Earl Grey and a cinnamon roll, and then return to House for a hot shower.  We enjoy some leisure time, to chat with friends or catch up with our favourite show on our laptops, before enjoying yet another meal, Supper!  Tonight, it is homemade lasagne, followed by a refreshing fruit salad. 

I return to House to knuckle down to Prep at 7pm.  I make a start on writing Romeo’s Diary for English, and then switch focus to learning my French vocab for tomorrow’s test.  I reward myself with a hot chocolate, change into PJs and find a luxurious moment to immerse myself in my book, before joining my friends in the Common Room for evening registration.   We excitedly discuss proposals for the new Girls’ House Team, before elections this coming weekend.  Next, it’s time for Rosie to sit in the birthday chair, and we share the things that make her such a good friend.  Then, it’s time to wind down with dorm-mates before ‘lights out’ at 9.30pm.  I remember that tomorrow I must be prompt for my tennis lesson, as I want strengthen my serving in preparation for the Summer Term…


By Lydia (UIV Form)