A Day in the Life ...

At 7am our amazing housemistress Mrs Muir, or sometimes her funny deputy, Miss Malan, come round and turn on the lights. We all yawn and are excited for a new day at school with lots of fun lessons and lots of great sport, music, drama and art. Most of us only get out of bed at 7.10am. Then we all hurry to be downstairs in our common room at 7.25am, ready for breakfast. At 7.30am, we all hurry down to the dining room, we are usually first because it’s right downstairs which is good as we have the first choice of food. There is always a good selection for breakfast there is: fresh fruit, a hot meal eg fried eggs, waffles, a wide choice of cereals and toast. After breakfast we go back upstairs to brush our teeth and see our lovely day housemistress, Mrs Hayes and her adorable dogs, Daisy and Beth. We all have to be in the common room by 8am with all our belongings ready for the day. We watch the news for about 15 minutes every day and also do the register. And the day carries on from there. At 8.30am we all hurry to chapel which lasts 15 minutes; every morning we sing a hymn, listen to a fascinating address and have a prayer, and also the Head Girl tells us the major things which are going on in the day.

After chapel we have our first two lessons. Then it’s break. At break there are yoghurts, some snacks; every day, there is a different main snack: sometimes it’s bacon sandwiches; or, donuts; cookies are my personal favourite…but the selection is endless. Next, we have our third lesson. Then we usually have half an hour of languages which you can choose out of French, Spanish or German. We also do an introduction to Mandarin in LIV. Then Sport is next. Sport is definitely my favourite lesson; we have it once or twice a day which I find incredible.  On Wednesdays, we have sport matches which go on all afternoon, usually hockey or netball. Lacrosse matches are on Saturdays.

After morning lessons we have lunch. For lunch there is a huge menu; there’s a choice of hot food, or baguette bar, or wrap bar, or soup bar and also a selection of salads. At lunch, the prep room is open so we can start on our prep, or there are many activities to choose from like individual music lessons, or music groups, or tennis lessons, and many more. Afternoon lessons then continue from 2.45pm until 5pm. We do all three Sciences and Latin, as well as the usual subjects.

After lessons we are allowed our phones to call our parents. We then have a wide selection of clubs from 5pm to choose from.  I do lacrosse club (which is great because we get to play with the older years), cookery club, tennis club, drama club and sometimes swimming club. My friends also do running club, art club or orchestra practice. There is so much choice.

After our clubs, we go to supper at 6.30pm. Supper always has two selections of food and also salad. The food is always great. Then we have our prep slot in the computer room which I find is always great time to finish off prep. At 7.30pm we all race to get up into the showers first. After showers at 8pm we all have toast in the common room and have great fun playing games and chatting. We also have registration in the common room and then at 8.30 we all say good night to each other and go off to bed.  We all do our teeth in the bathroom and hop into bed and read our books until 9pm.

Sundays are my absolute favourite day because we have a lie in until 9am … but no one really sleeps until then so we make dens with our duvets in our dorms. Then at 9am, Mrs. Muir comes to wake us up and she laughs at our dens and gives us a mark out of ten. We then have 35 minutes to get ready. At 9.45am, we go down to brunch which is definitely the best meal of the week. There are pastries like donuts and croissants, a range of breads, eggs, mushroom, beans, smoked salmon and a big selection of fruit. Following this, there is always an exciting weekend activity as part of the weekend programme for Saturdays and Sundays. We go to the cinema, ice skating, bowling, or visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Longleat, Bath, Marlborough Mop fair and many other great activities are also organised for each year group.

Everyone in LIV is in Junior Choir and we sung at the Wiltshire Music Centre and we are singing at the Spring Concert and at the ‘Spring Sing’ for the local community. There is also the opportunity to perform in plays in our Theatre through Drama club.

During the term, we have also been on some very interesting Geography field trips to Cherhill  Downs and History trips to Portsmouth dockyard to visit Mary Rose and HMS Warrior – we even completed a Royal Marines assault course in their centre. We are all really excited to go to Bude in the Summer Term for an activity week; we will also be spending three afternoons doing some water sports at Cotswold Water Park in the Summer Term.

Life at St Mary’s Calne is very busy but such fun; learning so much, playing lots of sport and making so many great friends. I can’t believe how much I have done already!

By Eloise (LIV Form)