Links with Schools

radley laxAt St Mary's we value links with other schools and have very good relationships with a number of schools. The girls enjoy a huge range of extra-curricular activities, many in conjunction with pupils from other schools, as well as academic and social events.  These help to enrich the girls' experiences at school as well as expanding their outlook. 

We have very successful socials with Eton College, Horris Hill, Radley and Winchester. In addition to dinners and dancing, the girls have enjoyed competing against the boys on the sports field - including lacrosse and hockey matches with Radley College for the Sixth Form and tennis tournaments with Eton for the LV girls.  

Departmental events with other schools take place on a regular basis with both co-educational and boys' schools and have included:

Classics: Lysistrata workshop with Dauntsey's School; attending the Lindsay Davis New Alba Novel Book Talk at Bristol Grammar School; Classics Academic Day with co-ed schools.


Anything Goes

Drama and Theatre: Planned participation with boys in the Edinburgh Fringe production with our LVI. Collaboration with boys from StageSmart for our hugely successful production, Anything Goes (pictured left).

Economics: Participation with other schools in the LVI Young Enterprise Company Programme at the competition stages.

English: Competing with local co-ed schools in the Rotary Club Public Speaking Competition.

History of Art: Exploring the possibility of a revision day at Radley in the Summer Term.

History, Government & Politics: Participation in the MACE English Speaking Union Debating competition with Kingswood School, Ralph Allen School and Bishop Wordsworth's School.

MFL: An UVI French theatre day with King Alfred School, London; competing against other schools in the GCHQ Language Challenge (UIV Form); competing against other local schools in the UIV Language competition in Bath for the South West heats; LIV German Spelling Bee competition against other schools in the regional heats in Bath; Sixth Form masterclass day at  Marlborough College.

Music: Our Chamber Choir has participated in Evensong at Eton College with their choir and the girls have joined forces to put on fine performances with KESmen from King Edward's School, Bath and Marlborough College's Chamber Choir.  

Science Matters Day

Psychology: Our UVI girls spent a day revising with pupils from Warminster School.

Science: 'Science Matters' day (pictured left) - we welcomed 60 pupils from other schools (Abbeyfield, Hardenhuish, John Bentley and The Castle School) - the keynote speaker was Dr Ben Goldacre who talked to the students about the importance of (and the lack of) evidence in medicine and the girls also participated in practical workshops in the Science Labs with the pupils from the visiting schools.  Other projects which have involved participation with other schools are the LVI Engineering Education Scheme over three days, the Faraday Challenge with girls in LIV and our LVI Chemists who attended a Bristol ChemLabs event.


Caldedonian Ball

 Left - the girls enjoy a Caledonian Ball at Radley College.