Year 8 Book Club Review: Radio Silence

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For the second Year 8 Book Club of the year, we selected Radio Silence by Alice Oseman, after a discussion with many exciting titles proposed.  Alice Oseman is known for writing about issues in society and what it’s like to deal with them as a young person. 

We had the books to read over Christmas, which gave us lots of time to read the book at our own speed. We met at the beginning of term to review the book and share our thoughts on the plot, characters and issues that appeared in the book, and of course gave our opinions on the book itself. 

The novel follows head girl Frances as she works herself to the limits and is always pretending to be someone she’s not until she meets someone just like her. It is a book that shows the importance of following your heart, being yourself and not letting others shape your person, as well as highlighting the dangers of the internet. 

We have chosen as our next Book Club read: The Astonishing Colour of After by Emily X.R. Pan. Girls can contact Miss Grant if they would like a copy of the book, and to join us at our next meeting before Easter. 

By Florence (MIV – Year 8)