Wednesday in Bude

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Wednesday 20th June

The usual morning swim and run was followed by Canadian canoeing! This is a large, open deck boat that fits three people.

After meeting their tutors, the girls went to the fully stocked garage with all the activity kit. The girls donned red and blue kayak jackets and red life vests. They then grabbed paddles and made their way to the canal which was just a short walk away.

 Having had a quick orientation to steering and other important safety checks, the LIV were let loose on the canal. Each tutor group stayed together playing fun games such as ‘how fast can you spin?’, ‘Battle Ships’, ‘Saturn’ and the best game of all-‘All Aboard’. A couple people fell in the water but came up with smiling faces.

In the afternoon the girls went mountain boarding. This was located on the side of a hill with a pretty view of Bude. Many of the LIV had not mountain boarded before, but quickly got the hang of it. Loads of safety equipment was put on and in no time they were flying down the hill. Two ramps stood at the top and allowed the girls to gain more speed if desired. It was a fantastic session with many good laughs had by all.

Upon returning from the afternoon activity the girls had a couple of minutes to get ready before meeting their tutors for their evening games session. Sadly the weather has done a 360 from yesterday and is now raining, but this  has not hampered the LIV’s enjoyment of the activities.

Tonight they have a talent show and 5-a-side football tournament on the astro. Who knows what type of acts the St Mary’s girls will come up with.

Please see below for some of the girls thoughts on today’s activities. Enjoy!

“In Canadian canoeing you got very wet, but still it was really fun. We played ‘Lord of the Rings’. Basically you had to chase people in your canoes who had a ring on the back of their canoes. When you eventually got it, you had to paddle away and make sure no one stole it back.” –Charlotte P.

“We went mountain boarding this afternoon. It was a really long walk, but it definitely paid off. When we got there, there were massive skateboards that you had to strap yourself onto. We pushed each other down the hill to practice getting the hang of it. Miss Cohen did the most epic fall but it was hilarious. Then we went on ramps. There was a small one and a big one. You had to put your front foot forward otherwise you would fall on you bum! The big one was a bit steeper and loads of people fell over. It was really fun! The best part was the big ramp. I would definitely mountain board again.”-Amelia

“I really liked the Canadian canoeing. You got to play very fun games such as Saturn. There were rings and a ball in the water. The first canoe group to put the rings and ball together to make Saturn won. Once you had a ball or ring you had to put it on the back of your boat until you had the matching pair but other groups could steal the ring or ball off the back. We got splashed a bit but it was really fun and I would like to do it again.”-Izzy

More tomorrow!