Volunteering Podcast

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Our shortly outgoing Year 12 has been the first cohort to volunteer each week in the local community. Whilst our partnership with the neighbouring Springfields Academy has been in place for over a decade, we have worked hard this year to develop many new ones and provide all girls in the year group with a suitable placement. Much recent research has highlighted the fact that the giving of one’s time is very beneficial for the giver’s wellbeing; it really is a win-win situation for all involved.

Earlier this term, I asked Year 12 student, Susie (who has already created an impressive set of podcasts for the Young Enterprise Group called ‘Pod to Self’) if she would consider recording a series with the volunteers in her year group and allow them to reflect on the challenges, as well as the highlights of their experience.

Whilst for many the volunteering had to pause rather abruptly with the unexpected arrival of the pandemic, it is clear that the experiences have been enriching for the girls who have served, as well as those who have benefited.

In the first episode, Susie connects with Fenella and Jenna, aspiring medics, who have been volunteering in Chippenham Hospital. Please do spare 10 minutes to listen to the podcast and hear about their time in the ward. Thank you girls for reflecting and sharing your experiences; I hope that you are deservedly proud of yourselves. Thank you too, to Susie.

Parents can listen to the Podcast by logging in to the Parent Portal: