Voices on The Wind

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The community of St Mary’s is working on a collaborative project, ‘Voices on The Wind’ with award-winning artist and alumna, Arabella Dorman. Each member of the school community has been given two flags on which they can record thoughts, prayers, poetry and pictures which they have conceived in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These reflections or ‘appreciations’ will be transcribed onto cotton flags in the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags and hung horizontally across the Art Courtyard. Collectively, these ‘appreciation’ flags will form a powerful expression of hope, shared creativity and resilience, and a deepened awareness through adversity, as we emerge from this pandemic into a new beginning. ​

Year 7 pupil, Myra, describes her involvement in the project:

‘Before Half Term I created two flags, one with nice messages that I want to spread to people, and a second with pictures that relate to positive messages.

I really enjoyed the relaxing afternoon spent in one of my favourite places in the school. This project was interesting, and I feel like we should do it next year as well! It really got my brain thinking about good messages, and positive ones; it gave me a perfect opportunity to share my ideas about the pandemic.’