Treats & Beats – The Manchester Collective

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And so we come to the end of term and I would love to share with you the most exhilarating lockdown performances I have enjoyed. The Manchester Collective takes Music to many levels, and celebrates the warmth and diversity of musical cultures from far and wide. This Isolation Broadcast of the artist Sirocco and the Manchester Collective is just sensational and blows us away with sheer energy and passion. Sirocco draws on his own astonishing vocal resources and plays the cello as if it were a percussion instrument and a beautiful tonal voice and quite frankly, is emotive and raw. We can all learn from this passion.

I have enjoyed watching the Manchester Collective grow as an impressive ensemble, but this is something else. Their sheer joy in cutting-edge music, music masterpieces and staged theatrical works excels. They perform in theatres, concert halls, factory floors and warehouses proving that music can transcend the moment. I would actually like to invite them to Calne in the future without the restraints we have at the moment, so who knows…..
In the meantime, in their words, ‘On the road. Or under Lockdown. The beat goes on’.