Tour de France Cycle Challenge

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2nd July 2020

Out on the bike, there has been some very impressive mileage notched up! Mothers and Father are pounding the roads and on the Peleton and we are well within completing the Tour de France Course. However, there is also a very committed and determined group of cyclists amongst the girls. With Amena in Singapore, Eliza in London, Beau in Hong Kong and many cycling around the beautiful South West countryside.

The top two cyclists in each age group are as follows;

 2nd  Libby 165.9 miles Annabel 158.3 miles Lulu 172.5 Miles Amy 202.9 miles Jenna 85.2 miles  Eliza 122.4 miles 
 1st Georgina 119.9 
 Honor 242 miles Polly 227 miles Beau 272 miles Elan 257.2 miles  Eliza 261.6 miles  Amena 138 miles

Many of you may also have followed Amena’s amazing sporting achievement this week, opting to complete the cancelled London to Brighton Charity Cycle ride at home in Singapore.

However, not on two wheels but on one Unicycle! In the intense heat she cycled the 60 miles around Singapore over two days and has raised over £3000 for the Rainforest Alliance ltd.

Well done Amena!

25th June 2020

It was Mr Pedgley who clinched the yellow jersey back from Hamish Graham-Campbell, with an impressive 183.2 miles cycled, closely followed by Mr Purcell. Daughter Beauella led the pupil charge cycling 62 miles along the coastal roads in Hong Kong, with Eliza having another strong week of cycling. It was good to see Georgina moving up through the leaderboard. Mr Curran and Mr Rose continue to battle it for the yellow jersey for the staff (whilst trying to fit in some swimming and running as well!). Hopefully the gorgeous weather will get more families out on the bike. Please be careful as the roads get busier.

18th June 2020

I’ve lost our way on the Tour de France course as we seem to be racking up the miles rather easily. Hamish Graham-Campbell clinched the yellow jersey with 119 miles cycled last week. Mr Oatley joined the race to go straight to the top for the staff, narrowly beating Mrs Depla with her impressive 41 miles last week. There is also some fantastic cycling  going on by the girls. Mimi continues her Unicycling training ahead of her 100km challenge next week in Singapore ( in aid of Rainforest Alliance but it was Beauella who is in yellow for the girls, cycling 71 miles in Hong Kong, just beating Annabel with another equally impressive week of 70 miles on the UK roads.

 Parent/Family MemberStaffPupil
Yellow JerseyHamish Graham-CampbellMr OatleyBeauella
King of the MountainsAndrew DoddMr OatleyBeauella

11th June 2020

On and off road the St Mary’s Cycling Club also continues to be competitive but very supportive, with lots of kudos shared. 2,314.8 kms were cycled last week by parents, staff and girls meaning we are well on the way to finishing the Tour de France Course on schedule. It was Mr Dodd who finished last week in the Yellow Jersey with Mrs Wiltshire Queen of the mountains for the parents. Miss Turley took all the accolades for the staff, while sisters, Eliza, Libby and Rosie battled it out to see who could finish in front at the end of the week, cycling 278km between them on the bike and climbing 9700ft last week. Eliza leading the way of course!

4th June 2020

Out on the bike, the Dads seems to have been relishing this competitive challenge! With Mr Cawley, Mr Dodd, Mr Medcalf and Mr Pedgley pushing each other hard on the Wiltshire roads (as well as on the Peloton) and now Mr Graham-Campbell and Mr Boyd have joined the race. Mr Pedgley finished in the yellow jersey whilst Mr Graham-Campbell was ‘King of the mountains’. Mrs Wiltshire is also up there with the ‘boys’ putting in some hard training on the bike as well as on foot. However, top of the leader board at the end of last week for the girls was Honor (Year 8), followed closely by Libby (Year 8), shunting Elan and Amy down a place – despite another good week for the two Year 11 girls.

21st May 2020

The St Mary’s Calne Cycling Club is now growing and we have started our ‘Tour de France’ Challenge that is trying to complete the course collectively before the end of term. In addition to the team effort, some individuals are setting a mean pace! Despite Mr Pedgley’s longest ride of 55 miles, Mr Cawley led overall at the end of the last week for the Parents, awarded both the Yellow Jersey and the King of the Mountains polka dot jersey. Mr Curran leads the staff and Polly (Year 9) leads the pupil distance, although Annabel (Year 13) enjoys the tough climbs (or maybe lives on a hill!)