Through the studio window…’Consider the Lilies’ preview

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“The Art Department at St Mary’s Calne was always a place of joy and industry when I was a student there. We learnt how to express ourselves through artistic endeavour, we looked at art history, and we discussed our ideas with intelligent and capable teachers. Today, the Art Department is as dynamic and forward-thinking as ever with a truly talented team at the helm. We wanted an exhibition that would show how diverse, rich and eclectic the work of students past and present is and I think this show does exactly that. It has been a pleasure to help curate ‘Consider the Lilies’ and an honour to work with an Art Department that keeps pushing boundaries, inspiring enquiring minds and encouraging students to dig deep and find their own voice.

Endellion Lycett Green
Exhibition Curator”

Excerpt from the ‘Consider the lilies’ exhibition catalogue.

‘Consider the lilies’…

Monday 29th October- Thursday 1st November
Gallery 27,
Cork Street,