Sixth & Fifth Form Book Clubs

Sixth Form Book Club

‘What do I think of Middlemarch?’ asked the great American poet Emily Dickinson. ‘What do I think of glory?’ When a highly unusual moment like Lockdown Pt 3 comes around, and in the cold hibernation months of January and February, what better opportunity is there to savour at length what’s been called the greatest English novel. Girls should let Mrs Lord know if they would like to join.

Fifth Form Book Club

Meanwhile, the Fifth Form Book Club gets to grips with Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Beneath the streets of London there is another London – Neverwhere… The Fifth Form opted for a fantasy novel this Half Term – the perfect way to escape from our current lives. Gaiman’s vision: ‘I wanted to talk about the people who fall through the gaps in society.’ For any of our girls who would also like to accept the challenge and cross the bridge to Neverwhere, please contact Miss Grant.