‘Reminiscence’: The life of an UV Student

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During their enrichment sessions in the weeks following their GCSE assessments, UV students Demi, Florence and Charlotte have been working on a project based on found sounds (for anyone who listens to Radio 3, this idea might be familiar from the ‘Saturday Sounds’, played early each Saturday morning!). They have produced this beautiful track, ‘Reminiscence’, inspired by their experiences in Calne this year and the sounds they experience at school each day. In the words of the girls themselves:

“This ambient sound track ‘Reminiscence’ is meant to evoke the nostalgia of our school ‘Calne’, and the patterns and routines of our daily life. As we are coming to the end of our Fifth Form, we wanted to create something we could use to reflect on our time over the past two years. This piece is comprised of different sounds that represent St Mary’s Calne. For example, every day the Calne girls hear the Head Girl say, ‘What’s on today…’ and lovely Mrs Thomas introduces the lunch menu. We also recorded multiple sounds around the town of Calne including the coffee machine in Costa and the checkout area of Sainsbury’s – both of which are visited by Calne girls daily. Despite the sombre nature of the piece, we listen to these sounds with a warm feeling of nostalgia and hope it provokes a similar response from our fellow students who have also walked through this day. We were inspired by the idea of very mundane things such as an alarm clock beeping in the morning suddenly taking on an emotional significance as they all make up our time here. We hope you enjoy listening to this piece as much as we enjoyed making it and that we managed to capture the essence of St Mary’s Calne.”

You can listen to ‘Reminiscence’ here.