Remembrance Service Preparation

In addition to the general workload consisting of: university applications; the Company Shout and Company Drama competitions; a school play and A Levels; as well as the sport, music and other extracurricular commitments that the Autumn Term demands, the UVI is in charge of organising the School Remembrance Service which is taking place this Sunday.

As Head of Chapel, I have been put in charge of overseeing the event and it has really made me appreciate how hard all the staff at school work behind the scenes to make events run so seamlessly at school. The amount of planning and time that has had to go into organising even the smallest of things has been incredible, despite the help of many in my year. Organising rehearsals has been particularly difficult as a result of the said distractions of the UVI year and I’ve found trying to find a rehearsal that fits in with 60 girls to be almost impossible!

Despite these challenges, the UVI as a whole have been fantastic in volunteering suggestions, whether about the poem choices or decor of the chapel and over half the year have put themselves forward to take a more active role in the service through either the showcasing of their musical talents or public speaking. Many others have also contributed in other ways, from artwork to lighting, the collation of the programme to the seating arrangements; it has been so lovely that this is something that the whole year has created together. Whilst the co-ordination of the programme has been a challenge it is so nice that so many are able to read the poem that they volunteered for the service for personal reasons and we look forward to hearing all the poems and music by the UVI girls. Excerpts from a Churchill’s We Shall Fight on the Beaches speech and Flanders Fields, as well as other iconic war poems will no doubt be a highlight and on a musical front we look forward to the traditional war song Danny Boy and a rendition of Fields of Gold performed by the UVI Vocal Ensemble. As we await Sunday with excitement and anticipation we can only hope that our Remembrance Service is as memorable as ones in the previous years have been.

We are particularly grateful for the help of some of the parents in our year with military backgrounds who will be joining us to lay the wreaths and read the Acts of Remembrance. We are so glad that they are able to join us and it is lovely to have people with such a close connection to UVI girls participating in the service. We are also very grateful to all the staff who have helped us in the process, without your guidance we would not have known where to start!

It is incredibly daunting to undertake the leadership of such an important event, but I am so glad I have been given the opportunity to take on such a big role in this event. My time management and general organisation (as well as, at times, my temper) have been stretched to the limit but (hopefully) the service itself will make it worth it and we will do justice to such a poignant event after all the hard work the UVI have put into it.

Emily, Head of Chapel