Poem of the Week: ‘Forsythia’, Mary Ellen Solt

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The Poem Of The Week this week is Forsythia by Mary Ellen Solt.
Continuing the theme of different forms of poem – this one is a concrete poem. This is a poem in which the arrangement of the letters and symbols create a shape that is more significant than the words of the poem. Mary Ellen Solt focused on depicting flowers in her poems, which is the theme of her collection Concrete Flowers, where Forsythia was published.
Hope you enjoy and, as always, please send in a poem if you would like to share it with everyone.

Clemency (Year 12)

Clemency is one of our Heads of School Council and studies Economics, History and English Literature at A Level. You may also have heard her in one of the ‘Pod to Self’ podcast episodes. She has been running the Politics Society and is also a member of the school’s English Society.