Inter-Company Quarantine Cup – Week 10

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And so the Quarantine Cup comes to an official end this week. Throughout lockdown there has been a decent number of girls and staff who have consistently maintained their efforts walking or running around the world, with a massive 7,100 miles travelled on foot. The staff really played their part in the first half of term with the PE Department getting unsurprisingly competitive, along with Dr Drape, Mrs Lovell, Mr Rose, Mrs Mutch and Mrs Depla, as we all raced to keep up with Mrs Bush! However, in the last few weeks the girls took up the mantle as Polly, Becca, Eva-Rose and LIV Amy battled it out to get to the top of the leaderboard, with late evening runs on the Sunday night to try and pip each other to the post.

The top three QC strava athletes are as follows;

 Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year
3rdAda 6.38 milesEvie 30 milesHarriet 69.31Amelia 38 milesIndia 77.2 milesBelinda 135 milesIona 43.6 miles
2ndGeorgina 24 milesClaire 47.3 milesHarriet 76 milesTessa 65 milesMarguerite 81.2 milesRebecca 138 milesGeorgia 74.7 Miles
1stAmy 115 milesHonor 92.8 milesEva Rose 146 milesAmelia 91 milesAnnabel 87 milesPolly 204.9 milesAmena 101.25 miles

However, it was essentially an Inter-Company Competition and, from the start, there were only really three horses in the race; Grosstete consistently put in the hours, largely thanks to Dr Drape but Moberly, led by Mrs Baldwin, Head of Company Becca and Amy, managed to keep Ed Rich at bay, despite their sterling efforts.

So the overall final standings are;

 Total DistanceTotal Time
1stMoberly   1,872 milesGrosstete  26241 minutes
2ndEd Rich   1,708 milesMoberly   23643 minutes
3rdGrosstete  1,679 milesEd Rich    21544 minutes
4thPoore    1,060 milesPoore     14881 minutes
5thOsmund    781Osmund  12776 minutes