Inter-Company Quarantine Cup – Week 3

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Grosstete have joined Moberly and Ed Rich as the front runners in the Quarantine Cup race, making a late surge last week and overtaking Ed Rich in time spent exercising. This was largely due to Miss Brivio-Stone and Miss Turley’s determination to beat Mrs Bush on the leaderboard but also due to a fantastic 40 miles from Dr Drape. Elizabeth Rutherford (LVI), Eva-Rose Ferguson (UIV) and Amy Bolton (UV) have also significantly contributed to Grosstete’s mileage.  

As government restrictions relax to limitless exercise, and in an effort to keep it a fair and level competition (and for us all to try and keep up with Mrs Bush!), every member is limited to a daily limit of 2 hours or 10 miles for the QC, whichever you hit first.