In Memory of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

At 6.30pm on 8th September 2022, the Palace made a statement that the Queen had died peacefully at Balmoral that afternoon. This date will go down in history as a day of worldwide grief, as people from all four corners of the world feel the loss of our late Queen and figurehead, Elizabeth II. For the younger generation it is hard to comprehend the scale of this event. However, for older generations, the Queen is a symbol of hope and loyalty. She was unconditionally faithful to her people and family and should be an example to us all in her dedication to her life role as our Queen.

We often hear talks and affirmations on perseverance during our lives, it is a quality which is admired by many but only truly held by few – Elizabeth II was one of these few. To think that she grew up with her life planned out for her and no choice in the matter as to what she wanted to be makes her life achievements even more impressive. Most young children dream about what they may want to be when they grow up. Some want to be an astronaut, some a doctor or a vet; the late Queen didn’t have this choice, yet there couldn’t have been anyone more perfect for the role.

The late Queen faced many trials and tribulations during her reign, a reign which included 15 Prime Ministers including Liz Truss whom the Queen met with just two days before she passed away. In April 2021, the death of her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was a profound loss for our Queen after their marriage of 73 years. Yet, she stood fast with a sense of patriotism and strength that was rooted in her to her very core – the Queen never let her personal life become a barrier to serving her people and her country. Through her example, we can learn a great sense of duty to others and must take away her lessons of dedication and selflessness into our own lives to honour her as we live on.

Today, and for the week to come, candles are being lit in many parts of the world to commemorate the life of our passionate and steadfast late Queen. While candles are lit for her loss, the people of the Commonwealth also celebrate the ascension of His Majesty, King Charles III to the throne.

Let us never forget this remarkable lady who was one in a million; we will remember you Elizabeth Windsor and the date which brought an era to a close – 8th September 2022.

Hannah, Deputy Head Girl