Head Girl’s Team of 2018 – our first two weeks

For most of us on the new 2018 Head Girl’s Team, the last couple of months have been incredibly busy ones. Since the beginning of this year, we have started and completed our AS Level syllabuses, applied for and been awarded positions of responsibility and revised for and taken our LVI summer exams.

For me, highlights of this past term also include a three-part history course run by the Holocaust Educational Trust, including a one-day trip to Auschwitz, and an unbeaten day at the National Schools Lacrosse Championships. We are all now enjoying a period of respite in the wake of our exams, before we turn our attention back to A Level Syllabuses, EPQs and university applications. This has been a great opportunity to begin to get to grips with the duties which our new positions entail.

First on our agenda was to introduce and implement ourselves as the new Head Girl’s Team, within the student body. Firstly, we decided that we should send representatives from our team to each of the boarding houses to introduce themselves and have a chat with each of the year groups. Hopefully this will ensure that we are seen as friendly faces around the school and people will not hesitate to grab us if they need a hand with anything. To this end, Sylvia has also created a poster showing pictures of each of us, details of our roles and information on how to contact us. Earlier on this week, Hannah, Millie and I also visited LV (Year 10) girls, to give them an insight into how to tackle their first important set of exams this summer. Finally, on Saturday, Hannah (Head Girl) and Sylvia (Deputy Head Girl) gave a presentation to prospective parents and students at the Open Day, providing a flavour of the atmosphere and ethos here at Calne.

This week holds a whole new set of exciting challenges. Tomorrow, we will take a chapel, organised by Georgie and Camilla, in which we will introduce and describe each other in a light-hearted way, so that people can get to know us and see us as a useful point of contact within the student body. Harriet has arranged to have a chat with a number of girls from different year groups and Olivia will begin to draft her account of life in the St Mary’s Sixth Form – ‘A Day in the Life.’ Later on in the term, it will be our collective responsibility, as members of the Head Girl’s Team, to orchestrate fundraising for the ‘Kick Like a Girl’ project, run by the OSCAR Foundation, so that 14 girls from Indian slums will have the opportunity to come to England on a football/educational tour in October. I know that for me and many others this project will be one of the highlights of our UVI year, if not our whole school career. As Head of Charities, Katya will head up the fundraising for this project.

Those of us who have already begun our new roles have all thoroughly enjoyed them and I know we will all continue to learn and grow in our new positions. Finally, we would like to thank the outgoing Head Girl’s Team who were incredibly useful in helping each of us to make the right choice when deciding what to apply for, and later when applying for that role. We will endeavour to fill their shoes as best we can.

Charka, Deputy Head Girl