Drama reviews of the Chichester Theatre Royal’s production of David Walliam’s book ‘The Midnight Gang’

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The Year 8 Drama girls watched a streamed version online of the Chichester Theatre Royal’s production of David Walliam’s book The Midnight Gang. After watching the production they wrote their reviews:


The Midnight Gang is about a young boy, Tom, who is sent from boarding school to a hospital, because he hits his head with a cricket ball.

The matron at the hospital is really strict and mean and the other children sneak off every night at midnight. Then Tom joins them and, after a trial, is invited into their gang (the midnight gang).

The midnight gang make dreams come true by using props in the hospital, but when they use balloons to make George’s (one of the other children) dream come true – his dream is to fly – they accidentally send an old lady in the hospital up instead! The matron finds out and the porter is sacked. The boy has to go back to his boarding school. However, the children all change the matron’s heart in the end and she allows the porter to stay and the children are all happy.

My favourite scene is where Tootsie, the breakfast lady, serves the children breakfast for the first time in the play. I like this scene because it takes your mind off the midnight gang for a moment and all the characters on stage are laughing and happy. I also find it funny as Tom takes Tootsie literally and is then disappointed. However, with Tootsie’s energetic and fun personality and with a little bit of imagination, Tom is soon singing along. Even though Tootsie is not my favourite character, she definitely makes the scene funny. When I watched this scene it lifted my spirits, and it also added to one of the themes of the play, ‘imagination can go a long way!’ I think that with Tootsie’s positivity the play is boosted. Also, it is a memorable scene in the play and keeps the audience up on their toes.

My favourite character is Nelly, the old lady. I like this character, because even though she is not featured in most scenes she brings empathy to the atmosphere, along with Sally. I love how she is so oblivious to her surroundings and what is going on in the play. When she is around I feel as if I am keeping a secret with the other characters, and Nelly doesn’t know. This makes me feel more united with the play as if I am going on an adventure with the children. Without Nelly in the play, I think it would be too chaotic and every character would be on their toes, ready, and alert. Nelly is calm, but yet still brings a lot of adventure to the play, as she is in one of the main scenes, when she floats away.


The Midnight Gang, a book written by David Walliams, was made into an amazing play that really included the emotion, adventure and friendship inside the book. The songs added also made the play a lot more enjoyable and made me love it even more. It made a boring hospital into a place of fun and adventure and where children could play and have their dreams come true, while the Matron and the School Principle are the villains trying to stop the children’s’ fun. It was a good story which was even better suited as a play. My favourite character was Amber. She is a headstrong key character that I really liked in this play. She was also one of the few girls in this play. My favourite scene was when Nelly, the old lady in the hospital, took the balloons and went flying up above the streets of London. I thought the scene was rather funny and the way that they portrayed it with the doll was good as well.


The Midnight Gang is an amazing play about the secret gang of a children’s ward, in a hospital. It comprises many different themes, covering some serious topics, however most are fun and the play is very lighthearted. It was so much fun to watch all 1 hour and 39 minutes of it. This masterpiece was directed by Dale Rooks, and assistant director Max Lindsay.

The Midnight Gang comprises some different themes, such as dreams, aspirations, imagination and freedom, but also looks at more serious topics such as bullying, challenge and chance of death. Luckily, these don’t effect the tone of the play and the overall performance. I feel that these themes help to make the play as good as it is. I like the happiness in the play, which makes me feel happy to. The play was clear, despite the many different themes running through it.

My favourite character is Sally as I think it’s really nice to have a resilient female character. I also like how she covers for the others, despite the fact that they discounted her in their adventures, but she’s still there for them. She is very strong despite her situation, but that doesn’t stop her from using her imagination to create an aspiration for her future. One of the other characters I really liked was the matron as she seemed to be a woman of many personalities, and who doesn’t love a villain? It also shows that not all women are nice. I thought the actors in these roles played them very well, and established their personalities amazingly.

To conclude this review, I really enjoyed The Midnight Gang because it was funny, amazingly preformed and so accurate to the book. I thought it was excellent and very well staged. I loved it.