Crochet Therapy in Lockdown

For this week’s Head Girl’s Team Blog, Polly (Head of Ed Rich Company),  has written an article talking about her new-found quarantine hobby… crocheting. This is a very entertaining read that I’m sure we can all relate too. Personally, I have also found myself trying out new activities at home, convincing myself to keep them up, only to then start a new hobby by the end of the week. We hope everyone will enjoy the glorious weather this week and the girls will keep on participating in the very exciting virtual Sports Day that started on Monday.

Fenella, Head Girl

Crochet Therapy in Lockdown

It is safe to say that whilst everyone seems to be finding themselves, or getting in shape during lockdown, I have not. I have to admit that quarantine has not been my finest hour, with even the smallest task seeming so full on. So, when thinking of what to write for this article, I was forced to reflect over these past few dreary months to gain inspiration.

I haven’t learnt another language, taken up an instrument or experimented in the kitchen, however, I was inspired by Tilda, one of the new Deputy Heads, to get back in touch with my somewhat lacking creative side.

I used to knit, making school coloured head bands back in LIV (Year 7) and briefly learnt how to crochet.

With a new spark of interest for something I had stopped so long ago; I watched a tutorial on how to crochet a festival-type top on YouTube.

Luckily, crochet was something I picked up easily, muscle memory seemed to have survived from all those years ago. So, I set off. Desperate to finish the item before I lost interest and within three days, I had completed it. Working on it in front of my Netflix screen or in the car, it was extremely satisfying, becoming an easy process which filled spare time.

I found it really therapeutic, calming even. So, when I briefly read more about it for this article, I discovered the bountiful health benefits that stem from all fibre- arts (knitting, crochet and sewing etc.)

The repetition, rhythm and focus releases serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ chemical in the brain. This can relieve stress, reduce anxiety and boost your mood. Even chronic pain can seemingly be eased!

Crochet therapy is an actual thing, with online communities and groups; stories are shared on how people have resorted to crochet as a way to get through tough times. Depression, grief and anxiety have been alleviated by this mindful activity.

Before I did this research, surprisingly I really did feel its therapeutic effects. However, whilst it was a fun experience, I’m sorry to say that it hasn’t resulted in me making a multi-million-dollar business in the fashion industry. Perhaps I am a little nervous to throw myself into something that might get tiresome and then be stuck with tonnes of wool that I spontaneously bought off Amazon thinking it was a newfound life passion.

I may be wrong; but I feel like this feeling is common, and that others might lack commitment for fear they will lose interest and begin to dread something that they previously enjoyed immensely. 

It is like my running phase – certainly only a phase – so how do we keep momentum? Small amounts every day, generating targets and goals, rewarding yourself in return is some online advice.

Although it seems that during this quarantine half the English population are either running 10km or gaining 10kg, I am certain that we will all come out of this unsettling time with something to show for it. For me, it is a single summer top!

Polly, Head of Ed Rich

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