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Welcome to the Art School’s new blog, where Scholars, our staff and Artist In Residence will provide glimpses into the day-to-day life of the department here at St Mary’s Calne. There is always something creative, unique and exciting happening, whether it be a Donaldson Week activity, an UVI (Year 13) large piece being completed or MIV (Year 8) creating a book in collaboration with St Margaret’s students.  

In light of the new Library build, The Art School sought to contribute to this landmark project for the benefit of the community, its people and place. Supported and orchestrated by the department, our at the time Artist In Residence, Georgia Pearson, developed the design with current student Charlotte (now Year 13). Taking inspiration from the orchard space, we wanted to help root the build in its location. The leaf designs were developed over several weeks and taken forwards by the Architects and applied to a number of contexts. The leaves are used on the ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms in the Library, as well as on the glass doors and windows as manifestations (window safety stickers).  The leaves are also applied to the clerestory glazing at the top of the building to reduce glare.  Charlotte and Georgia’s wonderful leaf designs reinforce beautifully the link between the Library and the orchard.  

The Art School continues to develop this relationship by adding additional work to the niches that surround the interior space of the Library through the upcoming Donaldson Week workshops. Our new Artist In Residence, Rebecca Hilton, and the Art team look forward to completing this with our Year 8 girls and sharing the results in due course. Rebecca has also started an ongoing project, ‘Poetry Can Exist Anywhere’, please click here to view.

Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot, Director of Art