Another beautiful day in Brittany

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Another beautiful day in Brittany – it only seems to rain at night here – saw the girls impress their teachers in lessons in the morning, and visit the oyster-mad town of Cancale in the afternoon. It was an easier day than yesterday in terms of information overload, but there were still Mr Mavor’s route marches, to and from the oyster farm out of town, to contend with. A mutiny was averted with promises of ice-cream on the way back, but it was worth it. A very interesting visit, during which the curious girls asked all manner of pertinent questions, was followed by a tasting for a few brave souls. I ordered a dozen and only had one to myself, which was disappointing but impressive at the same time – they are an adventurous bunch!

Tomorrow is our last day of lessons, and we have a visit to the aquarium and a privateer’s house, perfectly timed to coincide with expected rain. A few girls will also interview the Deputy Mayor in the afternoon.

On Thursday we return home but before that there is a visit to ww2 fortifications and a museum.