Welcome from the Head Girl’s Team

Head Girls TeamWe believe that the Sixth Form is not simply a preparation period for what lies beyond our A Levels, but also a crucial time where friendships are consolidated, intellectual curiosity is fostered and new challenges are explored. The transition from GCSEs to A Levels can often be daunting but to assist all Sixth Formers, each girl is assigned a Tutor. Existing pupils are able to choose their Tutor and prospective students are matched with a Tutor to complement their A Level choices and extra-curricular interests. Throughout the year, we meet with our Tutor weekly and discuss time management, prep, university applications and any
personal issues. In addition to this, Heads of Subjects rotate on duty in the two Sixth Form Boarding Houses
every evening, offering masterclasses and enrichment activities that are designed to aid revision and go over areas of difficulty.

Boarding in the school is horizontal (which means the girls board with girls from their own year group), but
we see the importance of an amalgamated Sixth Form, therefore the two Boarding Houses are linked. Girls
have their own room along with an en suite bathroom. The rooms are very spacious, allowing us to study
independently and have our own private space.

Weekends: for the LVI Form, Saturday mornings begin with the ‘Motiv8’ programme, which includes a rotation between yoga, mindfulness, Personal Development and careers lessons. Some girls might partake in sports matches on Saturday afternoons. A variety of activities are offered to us over the weekend - these might include a trip to the cinema, a shopping trip, or simply a cooking lesson in the Boarding House. Alternatively, girls may choose to stay in house and work. Our House Parents also organise socials for us
with other schools, allowing us to make new friends. The Sixth Form Bar is open on Friday and Saturday
evenings - when soft drinks, snacks and alcohol are served in moderation. 

Many activities are offered to us, some relating to particular subjects, such as the Dissection Club, which
has been set up by Biology students. Others, such as Bridge Club and Archery Club enable girls to do
something that they might not otherwise have done in the past. The Young Enterprise competition is open to
girls in the LVI Form - they are given a chance to run their own company alongside friends and compete at
a regional level. This year’s team set up a tea company called ‘Luna & Sol’, which has been very successful
under the leadership of managing director, Maddy. Aside from teacher-led activities, as members of the
Sixth Form, we are encouraged to set up clubs and offer help to the younger students. This serves as a great
opportunity to get to know pupils in other year groups.

Many girls volunteer at a nearby specialist school for children with learning disabilities and the girls also enjoy giving back to the local community, performing in local churches and a nearby residential home and fundraising for local (and international) charities.

Head Girl's Team