The Medical Centre

ImageSt Mary’s Medical Centre provides 24 hour care to students and is staffed by a full-time Emergency Nurse Practitioner and four Registered Nurses.

Our aim is to promote healthy living by encouraging girls to balance their physical, social and emotional health.

The Medical Centre is equipped with five beds and a lounge area where girls can rest if needed.  We work alongside the Houses to ensure that all girls get the very best care.

The Medical Centre is teamed with the local Doctor’s Surgery, Patford House, and we work alongside the doctors and nurses at the practice. The doctors offer a surgery at school twice weekly and can make referrals to physiotherapists and specialised care as necessary.

The school counsellor Dione Johnson is located in the Medical Centre and offers confidential support to girls all year. Dione can be contacted via email at or appointments made through the medical centre in confidence. 

If your daughter has a scheduled appointment, or is unable to return to school because of illness, please contact the Medical Centre direct at 01249 857230 or via email at .

Click here for the school Flu Pandemic Policy