A Day in the Life ...

We woke up at 7.15am this morning. I hate getting up but there was a beautiful sunrise as we walked to breakfast through the orchard. I’m going to need lots of lots of hot crumpets and crispy bacon to get through this day!  We have registration then chapel, taken by Sixth Form, before the start of a busy day. There are notices given, including reminders for play rehearsals. I have to remember to go to the theatre and see my Tutor at lunchtime!

For my first three periods I’ve got Latin and double Chemistry. We’ve been testing for ‘The Squeaky Pop’ in Chemistry using a combination of acid, metals, flames and hydrogen…much louder than it sounds!  Break at last. I’m starving! We frantically test each other on French verbs for the test next lesson, over some hot buttered toast. I grab my books from my locker in school and then after French it’s History (my favourite!) We’re learning about WWI at the moment.

Before I know it it’s lunchtime and I don’t know where the morning has disappeared. But I do know there’s a lot to cram into a ninety minutes’ break! With a huge choice of food I spend longer deciding than I do eating. After some yummy fish and chips, salad and a yogurt, I’m back in House to pick up my lax stick for T.P. (team practice). There is just time for a little bit of prep then it’s registration and out onto the sports field to play hockey. I can’t wait for the match this Wednesday.

At 4pm we have tea and after a steamy hot chocolate and some muffins we to go back to House. The television is on in the common room for people to watch and relax but most people have clubs or are doing prep in the study room. I finish my Chemistry prep and then head to a practice room in the music block to do my piano practice. Later, I collect a packed supper from the dining room and meet some of my friends at the entrance for clay pigeon shooting. I am determined to get at least two this time!

We return to House and the smell of freshly baked shortbread wafts from the kitchen. Lizzy has been cooking again! Its Daisy’s birthday today so she sits in the B-day chair and we share funny stories about her with the rest of the year! We hand our phones in and change into PJs. At 9.30pm it’s ‘Lights Out’. I remember that tomorrow I must get my costume sorted for next week’s Company Shout! We are singing ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ from The Lion King and we have to dress up as safari animals! It’s going to be so much fun!  

By Phoebe, UIV Form