A Day in the Life ...

“Morning, girls!” Mrs Clayton, our Housemistress, turns on the light and comes round to open the blinds. All four of us yawn. No one likes Monday mornings. But I was already looking forward to sports in the evening - hockey and swimming.

My friends and I jump out of bed at 7.15am, having made the most of the twenty minutes before we need to be in the common room at 7.20am. We hurriedly pull on our clean uniform, brush our hair and dash down the stairs so as not to be late for registration before breakfast.  Everyone looks a bit groggy, but we know breakfast will be good!

We get down to breakfast at about 7.30am, register and then grab a tray. Breakfast is always amazing, and today there is cereal, fruit, Müller corner yoghurts (there are usually only a few chocolate ones, so you have to get there fast!) bacon and spaghetti hoops, and loads of toast. I take a hot chocolate and sit down at a table with my friends.

After breakfast we have half an hour to brush our teeth, get our blazers and head down to the form rooms. We get registered by our Form Tutor, who is one of our teachers, and then file into the chapel. It’s LIV Form’s responsibility to light the candles and then we sing a hymn. Our lovely Headmistress, Dr Kirk, gives a little talk, and then the notices are read out. We walk back to our form rooms for RS; we have a really nice teacher, and today we are using the computers in the LIV Form computer room. Next I have a study period. These are periods where you are allowed to go to one of the computer rooms or libraries and get on with prep, revision or work you have.

Break comes around quickly, and I have a flapjack and some fruit in the dining room, before heading to my tutor meeting. Everyone has their own tutor, who is one of the school teachers, who looks after you and is always there to talk to. We discuss how my clubs and work are going, and generally have a chat. The tutors are relaxed, and you really can talk to them about anything.

After break I have Spanish, and today we are learning about lots of Spanish foods. Unfortunately, our teacher doesn’t have any for us to try! I have another language next, French. We are making posters of all we have learnt about, and my partner and I start making ours bright and colourful. We pack up, and then I walk to the library for an info skills lesson. We do all sorts involving learning about non-fiction, as well as useful skills for the library.

Finally it’s lunchtime.  There’s always a good choice and today I have lasagne and salad followed by apple crumble and custard. After lunch, I go with a friend to our piano lessons. I have a really lovely teacher, and we have fun playing duets.

Back in House, it’s tuck time and registration. Our amazing Day Housemistress, Mrs Hayes (who is really nice and has a lovely black Labrador called Beth) lets us take something out of our tuck drawers and then we sit down on the scattered beanbags or sofas in our common room for the register.

We then have Latin, which is taught by our Deputy Housemistress, Miss Matts. We are translating, and then acting out a piece from our Latin textbooks, which is fun. Then it’s time for tea; today there are chocolate bars! (We have them as a treat once a week). We then get changed into our sports kit for hockey on the astroturf. We have brilliant sports teachers, and we do loads of sports! We have a great hockey lesson, and then it’s time for swimming.

The school day ends at 5.30pm, but everyone has to do swimming for an hour on either Monday or Tuesday evenings. We learn a lot and have fun.

After a tiring swim we go to supper. I have crispy duck and noodles, and fruit salad. The food is always good! I now have an hour of free time to do prep. We do our work in our form rooms, where we have lockers with all of our books in. We relax in the computer room, and at 7.30pm, we all go back up to House for showers. At 8pm we all have to be in the common room for hot chocolate and toast. We have it every night before bed, and you are allowed to bring your own spreads and drinks. Some nights we watch a film, and others we play a game or just chill! At 8.30pm, we have registration, and then we have 15 minutes to brush our teeth and get into bed for quiet time at 8.45pm. We are allowed to read for quarter of an hour, and then it’s time for lights out at 9pm. After a long day, everyone is tired…

We are always busy at school and in House, but there are always enough hours in a day! I love Calne, and I hope this has given you a flavour of what it is like to be a LIV Form girl.

By Sophie, LIV Form