Through the studio window…School Exhibitions

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The Art Department saw a constant flurry of parents, staff and students during Founder’s Day. Visitors were thrilled to see such a wide variety of artwork, with such personalised responses and outcomes. Many commented on the outstanding Artworks as well as sketchbooks which see a range of experimental study in a range of medias, during their course of study.

Each year we display all girls artwork, in the school and grounds, giving each girl a chance to show their talents to their peers, parents, staff and visitors.

The Plumer Wing displays the GCSE botanical paintings, which stemmed from our visit to Kew Gardens last year. To compliment the painters explorations of nature,please visit the St Mary’s willow sculpture walk, on the approach to the Theater. The sculptures are inspired by seedpods and created by individual girls, based on a range of techniques which they developed during the Autumn Term.

The Main Entrance features artwork produced by the A Level artists, during their Summer Art examination. These artworks are highly personalised responses to examination questions , ranging from Caravaggio inspired figures, to highly embellished  textile room dividers.

The other corridors exhibit a range of AS Level artwork as well as Junior Artwork.  We hope that enjoy the artwork as much as we have enjoyed teaching all of the Artists this year.

The Art School